Lost original default style

I like the style that is loaded when I open a new template. I browsed in Styles to see others, but I like none. Now I am unable to return my model to the original Style.

To see what I mean, open a new template and click on Styles. At the top of the panel you see the current style titled “Default Modeling Style”, which has a gray ground plane. Click 3 lines down on “Default Styles”, then on the first style presented at the upper right of the thumbnails, “Default Style”. The title of the current style changes from “Default Modeling Style” to “Default Style”, which has a greenish ground plane. I can see no way to return to “Default Modeling Style” with the gray ground plane.

Thanks for any help.

Did you try going back to the In Model styles and selecting the original style? You can then purge the unused styles by clicking on the Recycle symbol.

Screenshot - 4_7_2020 , 3_31_58 PM

Screenshot - 4_7_2020 , 3_32_16 PM

“3D Printing Style” does look similar to the “Default Modeling Style” that appears when opening a new template, as does the “Default Style” that I am currently in. But I am nervous about making any style change from “Default Style”, as I do not know what problems might appear farther down the road. Is there any way to return to the “Default Style” that appears when opening a new template?

You totally missed the point. If you click on the house icon to show you the In Model styles, you can select the original style from the styles there and get back to where you want to be. The original style isn’t lost as you assert.

I’ll try again.

Here’s the In Model styles showing only the default style.
Screenshot - 4_8_2020 , 7_01_11 AM

After trying a bunch of other styles, they all show in the In Model styles but the first one in the top left corner where the cursor is located is the default style. All you have to do is select it to get back to it.
Screenshot - 4_8_2020 , 7_02_15 AM

I understand. But what I am saying is when I do exactly that, the result is titled “Default Style” with a greenish ground plane, rather than the title “Default Modeling Style” with a gray background as appears when opening a new template. I don’t really care about that slight difference in ground plane color, but I am concerned there might be other differences which might cause problems further down the road.


The one I show with the cursor on it in the last screen shot is exactly the same one that was in use when I first started up the new model.

What kind of problems do you think are going to be created by using a different style?

I think I am making too much of these slight differences in styles. I will follow your suggestion as shown in your screenshots. Thanks for your help.

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