Sketchup Styles Default


A quick question in relation to the default styles shown when starting a new Model.

Whenever I start a new Model using my Template, the Styles Pane shows the Sketchup Styles and not In Model Styles.

This is obviously easily changed by clicking on the In Model icon, but I’m wondering if there is a way to make it show the In Model Styles when using the Template from scratch.

For information, this is using Sketchup Pro under Windows 10, (a recently purchased PC to replace my iMac. I’ll update my profile now).

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The first document of the day seems to show the default styles, but subsequent New from Template models continue to show In Model, if you had previously selected that.

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Thankyou @colin

That worked ok. It didn’t actually visually display the individual Style icons though until I shrank and then re expanded the styles box/tray, but I can live with that little quirk.