METRO STYLE-how do I get my Original sketch back?



While drawing, I somehow got into something called STYLES. I can’t find it now and my sketch is in this mode. How do I get back my previous original sketch? BTW>>>I do like the image that Metro Style has shown. But I want to go back.
Does anyone know?

Many thanks


You can add the styles tab to your default tray by going to Window > Default Tray > Styles.


Thank you for the info. I got it now. But my image is showing one of the Styles and I just want to UNDO it…this is my big problem.


Select the In Model styles and choose the one you want. from there.


YES that’s it…thanks fellas…all the best to you. I am now happy again. You taught me something today.
I get a bit afraid of clicking on unknown buttons and as you are aware all could be lost with just 1 click!


Remember to save your work periodically. That will help.

And don’t be afraid to click on things. You won’t let the magic smoke out clickingon a button in SketchUp. :smiley:


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