Can't find 'styles' in sketchyup make 2016

I just upgraded to sketchup make 2016 and I can no longer see a styles button, and my short-cut button for it no longer works (all my other ones do). I still loads up in the style it was last saved in but that’s about it - can’t work out how to change it. I was wondering if this tool had now only become available in the pro version…

Look in the Default tray on the right for Styles. You’ll be able to select styles from the sketchy lines library there.

Hello! Since SketchUp introduced the updated UI with the Default Tray, most of the options from the Window menu moved there. Try checking the Default Tray for the ‘Styles’ tab.

OK yes found it thanks. I also had to find ‘show tray’ as I had just closed this as soon as I started the programme (thinking it was some kind of ‘pop-up’) but this seems to be an integral and major new part of the 2016 version…Thanks