How to exit styles

A basic thing I can’t figure out. How can I exit style view to standard view on SketchUp if I want to continue editing my model?
Thank you.

Hi Sandra,

It’s not clear what your question is about.
Care to elaborate?

As Geo says, it’s not very clear what you’re asking but I’ll take a guess. You’ve been trying some various styles in your model and now you’d like to go back to your normal default style. In the Styles window, click on the house icon or select In Model in the drop down list. Find the default style there and choose it. Any other styles you’ve tried will also be shown there. If you don’t need them in the model anymore open the details menu (black arrow to the right of the drop down menu) and choose Purge Unused.

By the way, you can’t really “exit styles” because there must always be some sort of style applied to the model.

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Thank you! I thought it has to be something obvious.