Creating New Style Will Not Rename

I simply cannot get the name of a new Style to change. Even when I drag it in from WIn10 File Explorer.

What am I doing wrong? When I watch a tutorial on Lynda, the guy states how easy it is as he Creates New, and renames it. Seems to work for him.

Is this a bug?



What exactly are you doing to try to change the name of the style?

A ‘.style’ file is actually a re-suffixed .zip file.
A Style’s ‘name’ is set inside one of the files in it.
If you rename the .style file in Windows and load it into a model the original name is used for the imported Style - not the file’s name, which might be different.
If you rename a Style in the model and the save it out into a Collection, then the new name is used for the .style file, and the name is now specified inside the .style…

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