SKU not recognising the new styles saved to a collection

I have created some styles which I want to reuse in my models, and saved them in a folder outside of the SKU structure (mainly for ease when upgrading). However, I’ve added a new one today, and it doesn’t appear in the favourites window. Any ideas?

A new style or a new style folder?

What happens if you quit and restart SketchUp?

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No changes when I restart Sketchup. In fact I’ve now noticed that the file names of the styles don’t match the names listed in the style finder window in SketchUp. Any ideas?

I have some styles which have different names in the folder than they show in the Styles panel but they show the same name in the collection and at the top when selected. It’s odd that yours shows a different name. How did you create these styles?

Can you share the styles with me? Collect them into a zip file and share that. If you don’t want to make them public send me a PM. Click on my name to do that.

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