Cannot save style or drag it to secondary pane

I am unable to save a style as a separate file or drag it to a collection in the secondary pane.
When trying to save the file, SketchUp encounters ‘Error saving style file’.
When dragging the style to the secondary pane, it just disappears.

Apparently a few people have encountered this problem, but I have not been able to find a solution.

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Encountered this same issue with Mac SketchUp Pro 2018. The solution/workaround is to make sure you are viewing your styles in the Styles window as thumbnails before performing the official drag and drop action. Drag and drop does nothing if you are viewing the styles as a list. Go figure!


I encountered this issue today and I’m glad I found this thread for the solution. Funny that after all these years this ISSUE (oversight, error, flaw, problem, etc) has not been resolved. I spent a solid half hour or more trying to figure out how to manage a style set for a big project, which should not have happened had the software been working correctly. And no, it’s not working correctly if it refuses to save a style.

I just encountered the same problem with SU 2020 Pro. I just wasted about 20 precious minutes before I gave up and came to the forum and found this thread. As soon as I switched from list view to thumbnails problem solved…I don’t think I will be going sub if silly bugs like this have not been fixed since, at least, 2014.

4 years later and this is still the workaround for saving styles in SU 2020: need to view as thumbnails. :laughing:

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Having the same problem but the drop down window to access the thumbnail views doesn’t exist. Only REFRESH. So I don’t have the option to save a style.

Disregard. Found the option.

Just found this one…so I’m bumping it.

Odd behavior.

I’ve always wondered why it’s a problem to use the thumbnails. It’s the same for saving components via the Components panel.

for me…the noob…I put on small or large thumbnails and there are no titles and now I have to go one by one thru the list to get that mouse-over title so I can find the one I want to use.

Component thumbnails make more sense because I can see the component and don’t need the title. If I had control of the appearance of the style thumbnails it might be more intuitive to use the thumbnails instead of the list.

None of that helps explain why the list view doesn’t save to the local style library but the thumbnail does…

I would expect your thumbnails to look different (mine do) unless you have created a bunch that are all the same which you shouldn’t do.

Do you end up with lots of styles in a SketchUp project?

I think I have about 5-6 and find myself only using 2-3.

Today I’m working on my template update and just playing around with styles trying to find a better method to represent more traditional line-weight stylings for my 2D drawings.

Was thinking of just having 3-4 styles with different setups using this first pane of the Style Edit panel.

I’m definitely someone that doesn’t like scrolling through massive lists. It’s a similar frustration to having to do 5 mouse clicks to use a tool instead of one or two. I’m slow as it is so I need those shortcut methods…The list view in the style panel helps with this and keeping that list short is important as well.

I think creating a small collection of styles is a good idea. I only have one style in my SketchUp files and I choose other styles as needed from a collection I created for LayOut projects. I select those styles per viewport in LayOut, though, not in SketchUp.

Sounds similar. I don’t waste my time doing any style setups on scenes in SKU.

I was under the impression though that the styles were on-board the Sketchup file.

How does one use what I presume is an externally stored collection?

I can see the standard styles here in LO:

I don’t see where I can access an externally stored style.

Can you see your style collection folder in SketchUp? If so, you should see it in the list in LayOut.

In LO when I click on the dropdown next to In Model styles I see two folders. The first points to the native Styles folder and the second to my Styles folder (in the location defined in SU’s Preferences>Files>Styles) It would be helpful if the folders had different names but…

Screenshot - 2_24_2022 , 10_57_00 AM

Then in that second Styles folder I have my “1 Plan Styles” collection. The 1 keeps that folder up near the top. This is my collection of styles that I commonly use in my LO projects and it evolves over time.
Screenshot - 2_24_2022 , 10_57_17 AM

Not getting that same behavior.

Have had my Sketchup Instance pointed to my local Styles folder for a while.

Reset it but when I go back to LO I still get that same list in the image above. No sign of my local folder.

Weird Mac behavior. Can you scroll down in that list of style folders?

No…that was my first thought…that maybe it was hiding lower in the panel. No such luck.

Is there path I have to set in Layout? or does the pathing come thru the .skp file?

It should be using the path set up in SketchUp’s Preferences. Are you using the default path?

No…I store it all in a NAS on my network. I have a tendency to use two different platforms, one for the studio and one for when I’m away. Keep the NAS so both platforms can access the libraries.