Not able to save a style

Why do I always get this error? Thank you!

Where are you trying to save it to? How are you trying to save it?

What version of SketchUp? Please complete your profile.

Here you go Dave! SU 2020

It goes pretty fast. What is the directory you are saving into? If you are trying to save the style into SketchUp’s native Styles folder, you probably don’t have permissions set to allow that. It’s not a good idea to save there, anyway. You should save into a user folder. Try opening the secondary pane of the Styles panel, set the top pane to In Model and the bottom pane to your local collection. If necessary open the Details menu for the lower pane and choose Open or create a local collection and create a folder. Then drag the style thumbnail from In Model to the local collection…

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Thanks Dave…
I got it!

Thank you! I had given up trying to save my Styles, but I got it working now.
I had to set the display to thumbnails, and then drag and drop from In Model to the local collection.
Sketchup Pro 20.2.171 on Mac Big Sur 11.2.2

Good deal.

Yeah. That’s why I italicized ‘thumbnail’. :wink: