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Hi, something weird is happening when i export a style from sketchup. The .style file is not created. I do see the file in the “Quick acces” in explorer. But the file is 0 kb and when “open file location” the file is not there. I have my hidden file view on. When i try to copy it from the “Quick acces” and try to past it somewhere Explorer tels me "the file is no longer there. "

Anybody knows what happened?

How are you exporting the style?

What version of SketchUp? Please complete your profile.

Perhaps similar…


I Export via “Save as” on the style.

I just exported a style that was standard. (Straight Lines 06pix.style) and that worked fine. Just styles that i create don’t seem to “save as”?

Are you displaying the style as a thumbnail?

What happens if you try to save your style to the secondary pane of the Styles panel?


Exporting while viewing Small Thumbnails did the trick! Weird!

But hey, it worked Thanks a lot!

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Are you exporting the style just to save it for later use?

Exporting to use it in another file.

On the same computer? You could create a new collection to save it into.

Create a collection.

Open that collection in the secondary pane and drag the style thumbnail(s) into it. That’ll make it available for future SketchUp projects.

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Thanks Dave! Looks super easy! Ill use that!

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