Strange disconnect between SU and LO please help!

Hi I am experiencing a crazy disconnect between the style I’m seeing in my SU model and Layout. A simple black and white hidden line style with transparency switched on is coming out with most of the lines drawn in the same colour background as LO (white). If I explode the view and change the stroke to black in LO hey presto all the lines appear… I have purged the SU file and tried a number of things. Now here’s the weird part. My model for the ‘Existing’ property has come out fine for sections and plans… I can carry on exploding but if I have amendments this will be a real pain and I really want to stick with SU and Layout. Just need to improve my workflow… thanks for any help and time anyone may be willing to expend to help out. Be safe :slight_smile:

What version of SU and LO are you using? Can you share the LO file that is causing problems?