Troubles in layout

Hello. Can anybody explain to me why the layout removes the materials I did in Sketchup when i change my scenes from raster to vector, the same with a hybrid. I want to print it and i need all my materials and details but it removes it and leaves only colors. Please somebody help me with it. I use the new version of layout and sketch up 2021. With an old version, I didn’t have problems like this.

Vector rendering is just that. Textures can’t be vector rendered. Hybrid should give you raster textures along with vector line work. Maybe you could share an example LO file that shows this for you. I get textures and vector linework when I render as Hybrid in LO2021.

This is a screen grab from a PDF file from LO2021 with the viewport rendered as Hybrid.
Screenshot - 4_1_2021 , 5_12_54 PM

For example 1 pic what I want the layout to do and second picture is what actually layout does when I change it to vector. Removes my details.

How about sharing the LO file so we can see exactly what you have set up?

good idea

The actual Layout file, not a screenshot…

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I don’t see any detail missing, only the textures. That is what Vector rendering is supposed to do.