Issue with importing a viewport in Hybrid mode in Layout 2024

I just upgraded to sketchup 2024. Previously, i was using sketchup 2022.
I just tried to import a skp model(2022 version) in layout using the hybrid viewport.
In Hybrid:

The lines on the module is supposed to be white colour but changes to black only in Hybrid viewport. does not matter what colour i change it to it is still a black line.

How do i resolve this?

System Configuration:
Windows 10
32gb RAM
Nvidia RTX a4000 GPU

Thanks in advance

Hi @Sharatb - A bug was introduced in the 2024 release where edge color assigned in SketchUp are not being passed to LayOut. This issue was actually caused by a change in SketchUp (exporting to pdf from SU will show the same issue) it just manifests itself more readily in LayOut.

We are aware of this and are working on a fix. The current only way to display the correct color is to use Raster render.

We are sorry for the inconvenience.


Thank you!!

Hi @trent ,how to use Raster render.

You select the rendering method for each SketchUp viewport with a popup menu in the SketchUp Model tray. For output, uncheck the Output Override in the Dcument Setup>Rendering dialog.