Vector Section Cut Colours

Currently using SketchUp Pro 15 on Windows 64 system with NVIDIA card.

I have had this issue with the last 2 versions of SketchUp Pro - Layout.
Vector rendered section have issues where the section cut lines change from Black to a colour.
I have tried manipulating the style used nd editing the style to no avail (section cut colour & thickness).
I have also tried bringing an additional view of linework only (from a make line on section cut) but that has changed colour too.

Any ideas on what I’m doing wrong or is it a bug???

Can you upload an image to clarify the problem?

Hi Cotty,

Thanks for you response.
attached are two screen grabs. One showing the section scene from the model and the other (with yellow lines) the same scene in layout…
I had the style set as Constructions which was fine for a while until I opened Layout one day and my section cut lines had changed colour?


NOTE that the grey in the section cut areas is an even newer surprise…

Note Grey areas are my fault. I turned off the wrong hatch layer in LO.

Can you upload a LayOut file that displays this problem? Is the style used the same both in SketchUp scene and the LayOut viewport? Have all possible style changes been saved in SketchUp?


Hi Anssi,
Yes the style is the same in LA & LO. I have played around with a variety of styles in LA & LO as well as editing Styles to get over the issue but without success. I may have to look at a clean version that I haven’t tried to fix myself.
It has happened before with different projects. I go along quite comfortably with everything working and nice black lines in LO directly from the model. I’m not sure if its something I’m doing or a bug?
At the moment I have documentation to get out for a Monday tender then the typical pre-summer break rush where the guys will doc in Revit so I need to continue with my annoying SU fix of drawing over Raster renders in LO.
Now that I have found this forum I will post ASAP it happens again.