Layout section cut lines are colored - in SketchUp black

Nearing the end of a project, I noticed the section cut lines in LayOut have a grey-ish color. In SketchUp they are black.
I’m using vector mode (same in hybrid). In raster they are black but can’t use that.

Only way to fix this seems like copying all geometry to a new SketchUp file and recreating all scenes and styles over again. I would rather avoid that since I already added a lot of (linked) text in Layout.

Any suggestion what causes this and how it can be fixed? Help greatly appreciated.


LO_grey section cut.layout (216.8 KB)

Normally, Lay Out should show them like set in Sketch Up.
No idea why they are grey here.

It’s an old Post, but it was the closes i found while searching for a similar problem’s solution:
I needed to change the color of Section Cut Edges.
So i post the solution as a reference to someone else.

After some searching i found it myself, it’s under style, edit, modeling:

I just ran into this bug again. Changing the style properties does not fix the problem. The main feature of this bug is that the section line colours are correct when viewed in Raster mode, the bug crops up for Vector/Hybrid mode.

Another feature of the bug is that changing the style does not change the section line colour in Hybrid/Vector mode.

Currently, the only workaround is to create the Section and Scene again.

Other reports of the bug:


This happens when you use color by layer in combination with vector or hybrid mode. Just change the color of your Skalp ‘Section Plane: …’ layer to black. Normally we set this layers automatically to black to avoid this problem.

I see - I will try that next time! Thanks for the tip.