All edges same position with Section Cut Line can't control line width in LayOut


I’m not good at expressing problems because English is not my primary language. So I chose to express it with pictures.

What I mean is that in Raster mode this works fine but Vector/Hybrid doesn’t. If this is a bug then hopefully it can be fixed soon as it is very important to our workflow.

I don’t quite understand what you are trying to show - how about you share the Layout file?

I have tried to replicate what show but I don’t appear to have any issues…

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Thank you for reply, I send you the file.

test.layout (160.0 KB)

I think I understand…

This seems to be similar to an issue I posted about with tag overrides when it first came out.

Not sure anything can be done about it.

DaveR might be able to shed some light onto this.

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Thank you! Hope SketchUp team have noted about this.

I see the issue in LO that the edges are shown in black in the vector rendered viewport instead of red like those in the same group that extend out in front of the box.

As for the lineweight thing there, while the heavy black edges aren’t appealing here, it does seem like LO is doing the right thing by displaying the edges in that group all the same. Generally vector rendering is more about the edges. I guess if you wanted the edges in the back to appear thinner you would need to manage the model differently. I do think the edges should all be the same color as set for the tag in the viewport.

Maybe @adam would have a look and chime in.

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