Random lines in Layout are thinner when I switch to Vector

Hello, I’m having an issue with a 1/4" section plan I’m working on. Everything looked great in raster but when I switched to vector in Layout, random lines got thinner. I’ve gone through my model and can’t figure out why it’s happening. Has anyone had this issue before?

Can you share the LO file so we can see what you’re working with?

Yes here’s a dropbox folder with both the layout and sketchup files!


OK, looking.

The viewport is rendered in Vector but the lines you point out don’t show as thinner for me. This is in LO2023, though.

Out of curiosity, if you move the wall hatch layer down to just under the models layer, do things look different?

Strange! I just tried moving the hatch layer under the model layer and it didn’t change anything. I’m not sure what’s happening. I guess I can just trace over the lines if I have to.

In your screenshot it looks like there’s something over the those lines partially occluding them. I’ve seen that caused by geometry in models from some users but I don’t see anything in yours.

Try this as a next step. Select the viewport and drag an edge a little bit to resize the viewport. Don’t move the viewport, just resize it.

That didn’t work either - no luck!

How much did you drag the edge of the viewport? Maybe drag it more?

I made it pretty big! I tried opening it in a completely new layout doc as well incase something weird was going on in my current file and same thing is happening. Looks fine in raster but the same sections get thin in vector. I also tried adjusting my section plane just slightly to see if that would fix it but also no luck!

Weird. I wonder if @adam might have some advice.

If you have your test file open, does changing the scale change anything with the section line width?

Nope, I toggled between a few different scales, tried resizing with Preserve Scale turned off, and tried turning Ortho on and off. When it’s in perspective view it looks totally correct but when I check the Ortho box again, it’s back to weird skinny lines. Oh well! Thank you for your help. @adam if you do have any input let me know.

Hmmm… Well, you don’t want to be manually ticking/unticking the Ortho box as that can create other issues for you down the line. Fingers crossed that Adam will be along soon but maybe to get your project out the door your idea of tracing the section cut in LO isn’t so bad. Just put those lines on a layer above the models layer.

Have you tried LO2023?

I was only fiddling with the Ortho box in my test file. For now i’ll trace, but this might be a sign that I need to upgrade to 2023!

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I’ll have to take a look at the file when I have time. It might be that some lines with different widths got joined together, causing a portion of that wall to have the thinner line width.

I notice Dave’s render of the same viewport has a thick line through the doorway that doesn’t seem to exist in your render (yours shows a dashed line instead). I wonder if that’s at all related.


That could be the case although I can’t find any weird geometry like that. Let me know if you do get around to taking a look at it. For now, the trace workaround will suffice to move forward with my project.