Some Layout section lines not showing thick in Vector vs Raster

When using a sectioned plan in Layout with vector rendering, some cut lines don’t show as thick. Please see the attached image for example. Is this a bug? or deliberate? It seems to happen when the shape isn’t ‘complete’, ie if it’s just a plane, not a ‘solid’.

I would prefer to be using vector for my drawings.

Can you share the LayOut file?

line test.layout (3.0 MB)

Interesting. I’ve not noticed that before but I can reproduce it. I’m not sure if it’s intended or unintended behavior. @trent might have some insight.

It can be avoided, though. Here I modified the style and set Section Lines to 1 and then with the line scale bumped up as you did in LO, they look the same.

I recognize that this is just a quickie example file but I noted that the viewports show the scenes as modified which I expect you know is not a good thing to do in proper LO projects.

Hi DaveR

Thanks for getting back to me. I think I’ve achieved your fix (by setting the ‘Section Line Width’ in the Sketchup style to 1). However, there is now no distinction (difference in weight) between a line that denotes a cut plane and any other line. Have I done it wrong?



No. You haven’t done it wrong.

I think we need to wait for Trent to chime in on the appearance. It appears that to get the thicker section cut lines, you need to have a closed shape. Of course to represent any real object, you would have a closed shape anyway.

Out of curiosity, though, where would you use a thing like the channel you drew for the example?

The channel was only for an example. I’m drawing sets for TV construction, where walls are often made up of flats (plywood on a 3x1 frame). If a flat is only one-sided (eg for an interior bedroom set in a studio) it’s simplest to draw it as only a surface, as I don’t need to worry about what goes on behind it (that’s the construction manager’s job). If i had to give all flats a thickness then it would add a fair amount of work in the drawing process when putting in windows/doors/anything more complex.

I see.

Well at least for now to keep you moving, you could leave section cut lines at 1 in the style and create a Group from slice at the section cut. The edges of your flats in the group will be displayed with the profile edge weight.

Ok many thanks. It does seem strange that the behaviour is so different between raster and vector - raster has no problem with unclosed shapes, and of course in Sketchup itself the distinction is always there. Fingers crossed for Trent…

Yeah. I don’t know why it’s like that.

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