Section cut, room is rendered black

I have been having this problem now for a long time. A Rendering in LayOut of a scene with a section is not being displayed correctly. It seems random (obviously it is not) that a room or even the full model is shown in black, not just the walls.
Can someone help me? I am sorry if this has been discussed before, I am sure it has, but I have not been able to find an answer to it.
Thank you


This happens if it is non consolidated geometry. Make one of the windows or doors to the outside a group or a component.

It might be that something is interfering that makes the section fill ignore your room’s interior wall faces. Are they correctly oriented?
If you are using Vector rendering, is there a change if you switch it to Raster?

I am using Vector rendering, when I switch it to Raster it gets displayed correctly (see picture).
I don’t fully understand what you mean by if they are oriented correctly. Could you please further explain.
The interior and the exterior walls are in two separate groups.
At this point, the doors and windows are just a hole in the wall. Also a picture of the 3D model:

THX everyone for your help


I have been experiencing the same problem for so many times since sketchup 2020 or something.
It tend to happen to the one of the room of many which are made in the almost same way as the one that have error fill.

As you can see in the 3rd image, I tried exploding the sketchup view port in LO.
Apparently the error fill was originally the one of the wall fill but it covers interior space except for the bed ,desk and wardrobe. I assume this is not the issue of consolidated geometry but some kind of error happening between LO and Sketchup because the sketchup scene looks totally fine.

Please let us know any idea about this issue.

This sucks… This still keeps happening to me seemingly randomly (talking about several different models).
@Masunami Thank you for your participation. It’s good to know that I’m not alone with this problem…
And thank you to everyone who is trying to help.

Please upload the model so we can diagnose the issue.

I don’t have this issue anymore with this model, in gerneal if I’m lucky it keeps disappearing after a few renderings.

Something similar to this has happened to me in the past. I found out that it was related with sections that were tangent to the ceiling. In SU model all looked fine, but in Layout the section fill looked like it was spilling out and filling the room.

Maybe yours is a related issue…

This can happen if the windows and doors into a space are not components or groups, basically bounding the room with loose geometry. I run into this on occasion during Schematic Design when my windows are not components, but simple planes of glass. Once the project progresses into design development and all the openings utilize components, then the issue does not occur.

This can also happen if the walls are not solid. i.e. there is a hole in the group. You can double check this with Solid Inspector. Even though it may work in sketchup, which usually it will not fill black if it is not solid but be sure to double check.

I found this topic and am having the same issue with a room being hatched like walls. I used solid inspector in SketchUp and did not find any problems. My doors are components. This problem occurred after I made revisions to this particular room. I added a couple new components, changed door types and locations and moved a couple walls. But aside from nesting of groups, Solid Inspector does not find any problems with walls not being solids. I really do not understand why the room is hatched. I would cheat by adding a hatch in Layout to cover the error, but that is not the point.

Just thinking…

What if you right click on the section plane and turn on Troubleshoot Section Fill.

That might help diagnose the problem…?

I figured out that the problem occurs somehow with the sauna, which is a component from the 3D Warehouse. There are a couple errors in the component that are screwing up the hatching of walls. Removing the component solved the problem.

@ziggystardog , could you share the file (or visible part as in screenshot) with the sauna still in place, to examine the problem?
I would like to find out and explain why the issue occurs. Removing the sauna as a solution just isn’t “the solution”.

I’m gonna take a guess, the person who designed the sauna made a big volume inside it. either to fill the sauna with translucent white (to simulate steam), or to be able to quickly get the volume (m3) for calculations. I’ve seen the latter in a few models.

This can happen if the doors you are using are set to cut the wall plane instead of the opening being a true cut. SU doesn’t actually cut the wall plane automatically, it makes it transparent.