Section cut fill problem. What am I doing wrong?

I’ve struggled with this issue for a long time and I’m hoping someone could shed some light.
Sometimes in Layout I have two Identical components in the same viewport, one will show the section cut fill and the other will not. This behavior changes depending on the scale of the viewport but not in any predictable way. Any advice?

309B PRELIM.layout (2.4 MB)
309B PRELIM.skp (1.4 MB)

I come across this kind of issue in the forum every so often.

I can’t remember specific cases or if they would help you but – unless someone else thinks they know what’s up – I’d suggest that it’s something to do with the mouldings having some weird error…?

If you can bear the thought of re-doing those doors ! In a new file, test them with a section cut and bring them over.

Maybe have them as one solid group and not individual components.

I fixed it, you had some objects that weren’t solids with internal faces
309B PRELIM.skp (936.5 KB)

Strange… I found those and then it seemed to fix it but then didn’t :thinking:

Thanks for trying but I am getting the exact same result with your .skp file.

I’ll try to redraw, but I really need them as individual components as I am drawing ~40 different door units and want to create cultists from each model.

I appreciate your suggestions.

For what it’s worth I did a CleanUp on the SketchUp model and got…



But it did not solve anything.

I copied one of the panels into a new SketchUp file and separated the components, imported into a new Layout file and was getting the section errors…


So I redrew the panels, stiles and rails…

And got this…


I don’t know if doing this would solve the problem as you may have other weird errors in some of the other components.

I used Curic DIO boolean tools to make sure that the components were trimmed to each other and I used FixIt 101 to fix solid errors ( you could use the native boolean tools ).

That’s strange, I tried all your scenes and even added a couple sections and it worked on my end.

Hi all, I hope to clear up some of the confusion.
The issue is actually how SU is rendering the section cut. For example if you zoomed in and ‘cropped’ the scene in SketchUp the same way you are cropping the viewport in LayOut and exported to pdf, the same issue would show up.

The solution you could do in this case is to open the viewport so that the whole entity is being shown, then draw a rectangle around the area you want then use the clipping mask to clip your viewport. This should give you the look you are going for.

Let me know if you have any questions.

Hi Trent. I think I understand what you’re saying, however, I’m still not getting section fills in the same components. I must be missing something. Even in your screen recording there is still no fill in one of the stiles. I really appreciate your help with this.


In the video the clipping mask does not appear to be “solving” the issue.

Am I missing something…?

Hi Nibor, no you are not missing anything. This has been a long standing bug that has been a tough one to fix. I was able to get ‘close’ but not all areas are showing the section fills correctly. Sometimes just modifying the viewport edge will cause the fills to display correctly but I could not in this case.

I find that grouping certain objects can help as SU will process the groups separately there by allowing the section fills to display better. I could never get it to work fully with your file though.

So I resulted to a workaround though not ideal gives you the outcome you are going for. (I set the section fill red for my example)

  1. I selected all of your geometry and created one group.
  2. Duplicated Scene ‘Plan Closed’ and named it ‘Plan Wire’
  3. Rotated the view so I was looking up from the bottom.
  4. Created a Section plane and moved it about 12" from the active one
  5. Cut the Section Plane
  6. Double click on the group I just made so it is open for editing.
  7. Select the Plan Wire scene
  8. Edit Paste in place (the section I had Cut)
  9. Duplicate the current Style and set it for current Plan Wire
  10. Edit the Style so that it is a wire frame no section fill
  11. Save
  12. In LO select the section viewport and set it to Raster, then duplicate the viewport
  13. In the new viewport set the Plan Wire scene and Vector rendered.
  14. Stack the viewports with this Plan Wire on top.

Additionally, I had changed the default style so that the section edges were very thin and the same color as the section fills.

Like I said not ideal but it will give you what you are looking for.


Hi Paul, no you are not missing anything as it was not solving the issue only showing that you are able to make the viewports consistent, though constantly wrong in this case.

There are times when this solves the issue but did not for this one.

Holy hell. This is nuts. I do appreciate your efforts, but the time and complexity this “work around” would add to my drawings is disappointing to say the least.

Is this known bug likely to ever be fixed?

Yeah sorry, stacking viewports with two different styles… looks worse when you write it all out… …

it is hard to say on the fix.


I haven’t read the whole thread so this may be irrelevant.
It seems you could use Tig’s Section Cut Face as a workaround. It was what we used before sketchup had fill.

It is what I still use, as Section Cut Fill doesn’t work with hole-cutting window and door components.

Is this what you would expect using Section Cut Face? It made me realize that I am getting section fills, however, they’re reversed. I realize that at this point I could reverse the offending faces it just seems a bit tedious.

Lightbulb! I changed the style to have back faces in white and voi​la. Still lame but much easier workaround.