New fill feature covers the entire cut section

I have a problem that is occurring only intermittingly and the only work around I have found is to uncheck section fill. The problem is when placing a cut into a project and the fill section box is checked the whole cut is filled. I have searched online and forums and have yet to run across anyone else having this problem. I am sure the fix is simple but I need help in determining what that would be.

I really enjoy this new feature but if I cant use it…

Hello cbinteriordimensionsnw

Can you provide a sample model example of what you are seeing? This way we can not only see what you are describing but also inspect the model for how it is constructed.


Perhaps some part of the model consists of non-solid (in SketchUp eye’s) groups or components? SketchUp may be filling what it guesses is meant to be part of a solid, but which you meant to be empty space.

Ok I had the issue happen again today and I think I have figured it out per TDahl’s response. When I do a cut the includes the ceiling it does assume that the space is a large wall and fills it in along with the walls etc. Once I remove the ceiling it functions as intended. What I am now hoping for is a solution??

?wall fill problem example.pdf (320.1 KB)

Hi @cbinteriordimensionsnw, I took a look at your pdf views, please upload your SU model so we can look at for you. In the meantime I believe the problem is a combination of loose geometry and that your floor and ceiling are not solid volumes. I suggest making your floor and ceiling have thickness just like you have carefully done with your walls (10in or 250mm is s good rule of thumb) and to use groups/components for everything in your model to help you achieve your modeling goals.

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