Section Tool not slicing through all rooms

I’m running Sketchup Pro 2018 and having issues with the section tool where not all rooms are being sliced through. Have tried several times and results are not always consistent. (This is a revit import via dwg -btw).

hello, make sure you are not inside a group or a component before you place your section. If you do, everything that is outside this group/component won’t be cut.

Press escape repeatedly to exit groups

No luck. I have done everything up to restarting my machine. I hit escape several times just to see if it had any impact, but no change.

Here is a screen shot of what I am encountering. The rooms towards the back of this image look like a solid grey mass. Sometimes when I make the section cut, almost all of the rooms will be okay and other times a lot of them will appear solid.

I have figured out a bit of a work around if I turn off the section fill, however, my walls are only made up of the vertical faces (sans infill) when I do that.

Can you post the model or a simpler example that displays the same behaviour? Without seeing your actual model I would guess that the interior walls in the rooms that display as solid are grouped separately from the exterior wall surfaces.

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This is most likely caused by geometry that does not properly close (either due to improperly draw geometry or geometry in different groups). You can right-click on the section and choose Trouble Shoot Section Fill to diagnose the problem.

Or, if you can post the SKP here, I am sure someone will be able to help figure out the specifics of the problem.

Even though the section plane cuts through all geometry in its own context (basic geometry plus groups and components) that doesn’t say it fills all loops that it creates. You wish for it to only fill wall cuts but the feature fill isn’t that consistent. You may see some loops filled (some rooms), others not (most rooms).
The section fill feature needs to be reserved to only groups and components for better controle, but that’s just my opinion.


(section fills have been turned off in this save, so you may have to turn back on to diagnose)

See how basic geometry gets filled when cut by a vertical section plane:

and the same geometry when cut by a horizontal plane:

These issues one may be able to explain by going through all the loops. But at first glance it looks like unexpected behavior. All this can be avoided if only groups and components (narrowed down to true solids only) get the option to be filled.


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