Section plane not doing what its supposed to do

what the topic says, this is unbelievably frustrating that there is no one else with this issue. and I cant find a solution online. i just want my building to be cut in half.

Your screenshot isn’t really telling us much, what are you expecting to see?

From the screen shot you’ve posted, it looks like the section cut is doing what a section cut should. How about sharing the model and clearly describing what you want to happen.

Unless you just mean you want to see inside.
Go View menu and untick Section Fills.


thank all of you for responding so soon, I am trying to look inside the buildings to start places objects in them, but when ever I do the section cut, it its preventing me from peering inside. And what I have seen from youtube, you should be able to look inside of what you with a section plane. And as you can see, I can not.

And due to my new account I cant post more than one image at a time, and I do not feel comfortable giving this file out.

this is the original site plan,

and when I move the section plane, it cuts it, but puts up a new wall every time it advances.

thank you, for some reason I had to reboot sketch up because it was grayed out


thank you very much for showing me how to remove the fill, you should post that on youtube

that must be the pro version. I don;t see the option in make 2017

Section fills were introduced with SU2018.

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I thought that was the case but the op indicates his version as “make”

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It’s hard to read but his screen shots show he’s using SU2018 Pro trial version.


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