Section cut fill not shown in all areas

Why is the section cut fill not showing up in all wall cuts?

section fill issue.pdf (15.5 KB)

Typically that’s due to gaps in the edges preventing closed loops of edges. If you shared the .skp file we could give you much better guidance.

What version of SketchUp are you using? Please complete your profile.

This is definitely a bug with Layout in Hybrid mode. It happens often. In SU the section cut will look filled, and in Layout it will fill if raster rendered, but in hybrid it will miss areas, even when modeled perfectly.

The only fix I’ve found is to nudge the section plane slightly…a couple inches at a time. Also try expanding the view port. So far that has worked. I feel your pain though.

FWIW, Nick, the issue here has to do with the SketchUp model, not LayOut. See:

I guess I should have added that into this thread but that was the thread where he shared the .skp file.

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Thanks for letting me know. The issue in LO is a real bugger though. It should read exactly as it shows in the SU scene. It works in raster, but in hybrid it’s inconsistent.

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Agreed. It should work correctly. In this particular case we can’t blame SketchUp or LayOut.

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I am creating my first full architectural drawing with sketchup. I am facing the same issue as discussed in this topic. I re-drew the walls, but still the section cut is not filling 2 walls on 2nd floor and 1 wall on 1st floor. Same issue happens with part of the concrete floor above 1st floor.

Could someone explain me how to solve this?

In order to get the section fill, the walls need to be closed shapes. Look for small gaps in them. It could also be that you’ve got some edges in a different group or component than the others. If you shared the .skp file it would be much easier to identify exactly what the problem is in your case.

I was not able to upload it (it stopped each time after 28%), but here a we-transfer link with the model:

There are missing faces in those parts of the walls. You can see that if you hide the rest of the model including the big windows at the end and look from below.

I’ve changed the fill color to make it easier to see for the screen shot but once the missing faces are repaired, the fill will be present.

FWIW, your model shows some incorrect tag usage. All edges and faces should be untagged.
Screenshot - 2_20_2021 , 2_23_00 PM

It’s a good idea to clean and purge unused stuff once in awhile.
Screenshot - 2_20_2021 , 2_23_42 PM

Screenshot - 2_20_2021 , 5_52_48 PM
This reduce file size by over 36%.

And you have a lot of exposed back faces (the blue ones). This can be problematic in a number of ways.

I’m guessing you started with an imported CAD file as there seem to be a huge number of excess edges and divided surfaces. This adds to file size but it also makes it more difficult to manage the model.

Thanks a lot for the quick reply and help! I have solved the issues with section fill.

I will also have a look at your other comments. I did not start from a dwg file, so I assume they are ‘beginner’ mistakes :slight_smile: , so it is good to learn how to improve!

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