Section cut fill with missing section cuts

I have a problem with Section Cut Fill where it doesn’t show a Section Cut around some components cut within a section fill. I can have identical components within the cut, some show the cut, some don’t. I attach an example of some studwork within a wall build up; you will see some have the cut and some don’t.

I tilt the view away from the orthogonal and the cut seem to show themselves:

The same issue pulls through in Layout views. Does anyone have any ideas how to resolve this?

any chance you can post the model?

There was work done to improve on the section fill in 2019. It would be good to test it there.


Hi Chris. The project is for a private client. I am happy to email it to you for Sketchup internal review but would prefer not to post to the public domain. Could you give me your email address? Thanks.

I sent you a private message :slight_smile:

I’ve had similar issues with section cuts being visible or not.

In Layout, switching to raster vs. vector view can help (though of course then you’re in raster view which is annoying to dimension with).

Also in Layout sometimes resizing the viewport window works to make things show up properly. Apparently resizing the viewport larger (beyond some point and I can’t figure out what the threshold is) causes it to re-render the model and for some reason pick up the missing geometry.

In the sketchup model itself, I also sometimes lose those lines in the orthagonal view, but as you say rotating the model helps and I can usually work around that.

There is a bug in how the section tool is interacting with some scaled component/group instances. Until this bug is fixed, here is one quick workaround.

Workaround fix:

All you have to do is go into any of the problem component instances and change the component axis. The location and orientation can even be the same.

Here is a gif to help you visualize the fix


I hope this helps



Thanks, that’s sorted it for me.

Just tried this workaround and it did not seem to fix the problem. Any further help would be appreciated.

Could you post the image of what you are seeing and, if possible, upload the skp? This way we might be better able to diagnose the problem.

any chance you can upload the model or a derivative of the model with the issue? The image does not provide enough information.