Section fill troubleshoot

When taking a section cut of my model, I am not able to fill the section. I clicked on troubleshoot section fill and it shows four errors with the section fill as shown below. It seems to be a problem with the french doors and I have tried fiddling with it but am having no luck. Can anyone work out what is the problem with the door?


I couldn’t upload the model, maybe because this is my first post but I have uploaded it to 3D warehouse called ‘Section fill1’

From your screen shot it’s hard to say what is missing but I see section fills in those areas.

Thanks, I managed to fix it! I still don’t have any idea what was wrong with it but I just fiddled with it till the errors went. Thanks for the help

Usually missing fill indicates there’s missing faces in the geometry. In the version of the model you posted in the Warehouse, the glass in the doors has no thickness so there’s no volume to put section fill across. Maybe you had a similar problem that you fixed.

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One thing that messes up the section fill is using cutting components for doors and windows. A good FR would be that the section fill to appear when the model would resolve into a solid when exploded.

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Ah ok that makes sense. I had the glass as just a flat rectangle. Thanks!

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