Section View Problems in Layout

Hello, all.
Having issues with the section slice in-fill on random parts when inserting a scene as a vector image in Layout.
Not all of the in-filled geometry is ‘shaded’ properly.
Photos attached here are screen shots of the model/scene in Sketchup, the scene inserted into Layout as a Vector and then the same scene toggled to a Raster.
Any thoughts on what is causing the issue and how to remedy the problem?


Okay, looks like I can only post one image at a time?!?)
When I can, I will continue to post the other images.

Can you share the LayOut file so we can see exactly what you’ve got going on? One thing I notice in your last screen shot is the scene for the viewport has been modified in LO. That’s not a good thing.

20 Chestnut Kitchen Island 2.1.2019.layout (3.4 MB)

Thank you for taking a look at this, Dave.
I have attached the LayOut file to this string…

I think you are running into a rare bug in which not all the fill areas are displayed in Vector or Hybrid rendering. I believe the LO team are aware of it. In the meantime, you could use TIGs Add Section Cut Face instead of the fill or you could add an additional section face farther down to eliminate the bottom parts showing through.

Rendered as Vector, below.

FWIW, your workflow for the viewports on the first page is not a good one. With all of the viewports tied to the same scene, you are likely to have problems. Better to create a scene for each desired view and not modify the scenes in LO.

Thanks for the info, Dave.

Good to know about the bug.

Can you tell me more about how multiple view ports of the same scene is not good and ore prone to problems? I want to understand more. I wonder if it explains any issues I’ve had previously.

Creating modified scenes in LayOut breaks some (but not all) of the connections between the original scene and the viewport. Some scene-specific changes that you might make in SketchUp won’t carry over into the viewports where you’ve modified the scene. On the flip side, in a case such as your first page where you’ve used the same scene for six different viewports, you can’t show something different in one view without affecting the others. Just as an example, I opened a door. You can see that not only is the 3/4 view affected, so are the other views. I’ve also turned on shadows in the scene but because the viewports are modified, the shadows won’t be displayed. And another thing I did is increase the camera’s focal length to reduce the perspective distortion. That change doesn’t appear in the LO file, either.

Here I’ve set up six scenes in SketchUp; one for each view. Then replaced all of the viewports in the LO doc. You can see the open door only shows in the front 3/4 view and shadows are displayed. The perspective distortion in the 3D views also reduced because the viewport is directly tied to a scene. With the way you have it, if you want to get the shadows to show in the viewports, you would need to reselect the “Modeling” scene for each viewport and then go through the process of modifying each viewport again. I’m just using shadows here as an example but they aren’t the only things impacted by modifying the scenes in LO.

By setting up the scenes in SketchUp, which is very quick, you avoid a lot of screwing around with viewports in LayOut so you can get to doing the important stuff.

Another problem we see with modified viewports is with labels and dimensions that are added in LO get screwed up if you go back and select the scene again. It’s difficult if not impossible to fix those things after that. Generally easiest to delete them and start over.

If this was one-off document that you’d never need to go back and edit or update, the modified scenes thing isn’t so bad but if it isn’t a one-off, you’re setting yourself up for a whole lot more work and time spent than the time spent just creating the scenes in the SketchUp model.

By the way, eat a fresh lobster for me, will you?


Thank you for all that info. That makes a lot of sense.

I don’t recall uploading the model for the island, did you model that yourself or derive a model from the layout document? Just curious.

I own a Skalp license, though I was trying to eliminate it from my workflow. I find it very finicky and prone to crashing LayOut.

As for the lobster, HA! I don’t care for the stuff, but if you give me an address, I’ll ship you some in appreciation. This is not the first time you’ve offered your tutelage.

Be well!

You didn’t specifically upload the SketchUp file but it is embedded in the LayOut file so easy to access. Right click on a viewport and Open with SketchUp. :wink:

I can’t comment on Skalp from first hand experience but folks who use it seem to be in one of two camps. They either love it or they find it extremely frustrating. I’ve never seen anything that would benefit my work flow but that’s just me.

Thanks for the offer of the lobster. I might take you up on it.