Problem with LO rendition

Anyone know why this happens?

A part of my drawing looks like this in SU:

But it looks like this in LO:

Ignoring the lack of crispness generally, why are the fills offset?

Are you using SKALP or something else for the section fills?

Do you make use of stacked viewports?

What happens when you create a viewport in LO from the SU scene (ie. without the style modifications)?

I know why. Your model is way bigger than what you’re displaying at your viewport.

I get that in all my projects and it happens even if they are small.

The only workaround I’ve found is to have your model displayed in square shape viewports. Sometimes it also works with rectangles of 2:1 ratio.

However if you are zooming in as far as 1:1 scale in a bigger model, you might need to make the viewports way bigger and then clip mask them, as neither square viewports work.

NOTE: Actually, clipmasking viewports is usually faster to set them up than scaling and re render them. So you might consider clip masking as a usual workflow.

Take a look here:

I do use Skalp but not for details like this. They are just straightforward paintbucket fills.

By stacked viewports I presume you mean one viewport overlaying another? If so, no.

Not sure I understand your last question. I try not to modify anything in LO. I just bring in a pre-set scene and adjust the scale and window size to suit requirements.

What you say surprises me because I do details like this all the time but it’s the first time I have noticed it. Maybe I just haven’t been vigilant enough to notice!

I would say one thing about this particular drawing that has puzzled me. It really slows down SU. Just navigating around can be a pain as zooms are jerky and draggy. I don’t think the original SU file is especially large or anything. It’s almost like there is a huge amount of dark matter lurking there somewhere!

I bet that, if you pay close attention to your drawings you’ll notice it even at smaller scales like 1:25 or even 1:50 if your vector lines are thin.

You might also notice it in raster mode when dimensioning and your dimension inference dots seem to not stick exactly on the spot you chose.

It used to happen more in older SU versions but I don’t believe it’s fixed for 2017 and though it’s needed, it seems a hard fix.

Here is a snapshot of a larger part of the LO drawing.

The bit I posted before is on the left. The detail on the right suffers from the same problem but to a lesser extent. The detail in the middle seems fine. Al these details come from the same SU drawing.

Weird, huh?

This is more or less random. You should try with square viewports… takes a bit of the randomness away.

I think the viewport is roughly square in fact.

Then it’s a rectangle. Make it square… try it at least.

You are right that the size of the viewport makes a difference. If I enlarge like this:

And zoom in…

The problem goes away. So you must be right. But what a pain to have to do all that clip masking!

Try it square

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