Line drawing rendering strangely when scaling in layout

Hi All,

I’m new to SU and have just tried scaling a line drawing 3D model in layout with no luck. I send the saved scene in SU and sent to layout. When I set the scale and render the drawing changes to a Strange shape nothing like original. Any suggestions as to what is going on would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Ran.

You need to at very least post images of what you are seeing.

Even better attach SKP and layout files here.

Thanks for the suggestions Dan. Before image attached.

Please see after scaling image attached.

I set scaling to 1:200 then rendered.

SU Model attached. section 1.skp (670.7 KB)

When you select the viewport in LO, exactly what does it say to the right of Scene in the SketchUp inspector window?

Screen shot attached just before I hit render button


After getting a glimpse of your model, it isn’t surprising. In your first screenshot, the view is in Perspective mode. In order to set a scale, it has to be in Parallel Projection and that results in the different view. Change the camera to Parallel Projection and select the Front standard view, update the scene and then save the changes. Then in LayOut, update the reference.

Notice it shows the Last Saved View as modified. This comes from changing the camera for the viewport in LO. Do not make any changes to the camera setting in LO. Instead make all of those changes in SketchUp.

Thank you! Much appreciated. I’ll give it a go.

Thank you.