Wrong scene shows up in layout



I have created a bunch of scenes in Sketchup and saved them. I have created all my sketchup scenes so they will stack up by starting with one layer in a front view (for example) creating a scene, then adding a layer and creating another scene etc., thus when I play an animation nothing moves (the same for side and top views. I saved, then exported the model to Layout. I arranged one set of front, side and plan views on one page, made them the same scale (1:50) and aligned them using object snap and grid. These are on the unique elements layer. I create another page, copy my 3 views and paste onto the new page. Next I want to update these scenes to another set of front, side and top views and keep them all aligned. One view updates to the new scene. The next view when I right click on scenes, a bunch of my scenes are check marked. I cannot get the scene I want to show. I can get one scene to show if it is not check marked. If I try to change it the scenes are not all check marked but once I try one the wrong scene comes up and the scenes are all check marked again. It looks like it is compiling a bunch of scenes. I have about 60 scenes thinking this was the way to get them aligned.


It’s difficult to select viewports that are under others when they are on the same layer in LO. I frequently use stacked viewports in LO but I also use multiple layers so I can make different layers invisible or lock them to make it possible to select the other viewports.

It doesn’t sound like a bug to me.