Layout 2016 all Sketchup scenes the same

I just changed to layout 2016 pro and realized, that all sketchup scenes from same drawing are alway the same. I insert a sketchup drawing on multiple pages and change the view on one of them, then all the others are changed too?

Exactly what are you doing? Clearly you’re missing something in your process. Perhaps you could share the LayOut file. That’ll make it easy to sort it out.

Some possibilities:

  1. you have inserted a single SketchUp view on a layer that is set to display on all pages.
  2. your SketchUp views are referring to the “last saved Sketchup view” instead of named scenes. You should create your model views in SketchUp, save them as scenes, and, then, in LayOut, set your model views to reference the named scenes.


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Thanks for reply, it was nr.1 - sorry for this dummy.
Nils Herbstrieth