Layout not displaying unique scenes from sketchup

I’ve created a file in SketchUp with multiple scenes. When I sent it to layout using my custom template it would not display the different scenes, only the last one chosen. So I opened a new Layout file which worked fine, until I saved it a few times. What am I doing wrong?

So you don’t see any scene on the drop-down menu on the Sketchup tray? Can you share the layout file to check what are you working with?

I see the scenes and can select them. But when I change the scene to match the name the all change to be the same scene.

Can you share the file? Otherwise I can only try to guess what’s going on.

Would you want me to send it? File is too big.

You can share it here on a comment if it’s up to 16mb or use any platform you like if it’s bigger than that, for example wetransfer, Dropbox, google drive…

If the viewport in LayOut has been modified in any way, changing scenes won’t make a difference. Look to see if there is a Reset All button, and if there is try clicking that before choosing the scene you want to see.


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Colin beat me to it… I’d bet money that if the OP made a template, altered something with the viewports and is now linking to another file this is the issue…

I already solved it, he shared the model with me, he had the default tray with the option of copy in all the pages activated, he had only two layers and both were with that option activated, i just changed the default and all the viewports could be changed.
Captura de pantalla 2023-11-29 034420

So I should choose default under layers? Other related…How do I make a custome/branded template print on all pages?
Thanks for your help with this

Titleblock, Logo, etc. go on ‘On Every Page’ or your own layers that are setup to be on every page.