Layout Scenes Changing


I’ve created perspective Scenes in Sketchup and for some reason they do not show the same in Layout. They have not changed in the Sketchup file. The Toe Kick perspective detail turned out fine but the two highlighted have not. What am I doing wrong here?

File saved here: Dropbox - File Deleted

Thank you so much for any help!


If you share the layout file, someone will be able to help you better…

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Thank you

I use SketchUp Make so i don’t have Layout but when I click on your link it says “this link doesn’t exist”…

Try again, see below. The link might be going down on this forum?

It’s pretty weird. The images come in and out. I have a feeling it has to do with the file size.

Thx so much

1.57gb is not just big it is ridiculously big. Have you been purging your sketchup file regularly, are you using huge amounts of overly complex 3d warehouse entourage, are you using high res images.
All these things, among others, lead to bloated files and cause slow downs and other issues.
I balk at downloading a file over about 30mb, mainly due to my limited internet, but also because all too often they are just bloated.
I’m not sure how many here will download a file that big, as much as they would like to help. At the very least Purge the sketchup file and see if that reduces it significantly.


@Box is correct 1.57 GB is crazy huge. Evidently I’m a glutton for punishment because I downloaded it and got it to open. As he wrote, you should clean up your SketchUp models that are references for the LayOut file. I purged one of the files…
Screenshot - 12_7_2022 , 9_21_59 PM
…and resized the unneccesarily large textures. Some of those huge textures look like they could be replaced with colors that would have almost no impact on file size.

This alone reduced the file size of that SketchUp file by more than 58%. I expect similar reductions in the other SketchUp files in the LO doc.

I checked and see a lot of incorrect tag usage in this particular SketchUp file. All edges and faces should be created and remain untagged.
Screenshot - 12_7_2022 , 9_44_41 PM

I also purged unused references from the LO file. Compare:



I note that the PNG images all show as Clipboard Images. This is not a good thing because you have no real reference to fall back on. Best procedure for images is to save them into a folder (probably the project folder) and then use Insert to add them to your LO doc.

I don’t have time to go through all of the SketchUp references and clean them up for you but again, as @Box wrote, that’s where you should start. Better file management will help you out.

I would also suggest that you edit your post and remove the link since it contains client information as well as your contact info. Someone might scavenge that for not so good purposes.


Back at investigating your file and your original question. There are several problems.

In the model you have enabled asection cut for this scene

You have have a ceiling over the crown that is unhidden in the scene.

You’ve set up the scene so it won’t save the state of Active sections and hidden objects among other properties.
Screenshot - 12_8_2022 , 7_21_01 AM

After hiding the ceiling (which should have a tag and be hidden by turning off the tag instead) and turning off the the section cut, I updated the scene to save those properties. Then updated the reference in LayOut. The viewport in question now looks like this:

The bulk of your problem stems from your choice to not save most of the properties in your scenes. This makes the scenes predictably unpredictable and that translates into your LayOut file since the viewports reflect the scenes in the model. Ticking all those boxes to save the properties will make your work a whole lot easier.

I finally have a chance to look at the other SketchUp reference. Same issues with incorrect tag usage, some unused components, and uneccesarily large texture images. Applying the same fixes to that file as I did to the other reduced the file size by a third. After the purging of the unused stuff and reducing the heavy textures in the two SketchUp references and purging the unused stuff from the LayOut file, that file was reduced in size by over 70%. There’s still more that could be done to simplify the SketchUp files and make them easier to work with. Loads of overweight components from the 3D Warehouse that could be reduced. Interestingly, you have some fairly low poly components, too, and the combination looks a bit strange to me.

There are a lot of components that seem to have been dragged out behind the shed so to speak. I don’t know if they are needed but if they aren’t, get them off the property. Deleting them and purging the files would be a good idea.

Wow. This is unbelievably helpful. What’s your Venmo?

I am just noticing how large the LO is! The SKP File I already massively reduced through purging, but apparently have more to do.

Textures are large bc a lot have a small repeat. Also, I have lots of Poly Haven textures in there, not sure if the bump map etc. I do need to remove some of those components beneath the home, thank you. I’ll try and resize the textures in bulk somehow.

I had no idea tag usage contributed to file size. V informative, tx u.

Thanks re: clipboard images too. I work so ■■■■ fast but need to be better at saving stuff.

What’s really strange is I HAVE set up the Crown scene to keep hidden but I have to keep going back and hiding, then updating. I was messing with those checkboxes after the issue but maybe I need to look back at that.

Youdda best. Honestly thanks so much Dave. What’s your Venmo?

I’m glad it helps. Send me a PM and we can talk about Venmo. :wink:

Most of the large textures look more like colors than textures. They don’t need to have huge file sizes. They are larger than they’ll be displayed in SketchUp anyway. This doesn’t have much to do with small repeats.

I don’t think the bump maps are saved with the .skm texture files.

There’s a Texture Resizer extension. I believe you can get it from the Extension Warehouse.

Incorrect tag usage doesn’t affect file size directly but it can create all sorts of other problems. Best workflow is to make sure all edges and faces are untagged and only the groups and components in your model have tags. Sometimes you’ll get this tagged geometry with entourage components from the Warehouse. The general wisdom is to download from the Warehouse into a separate SketchUp file so you can check out the components, repair them and/or strip them down, then copy them and paste them into your project. Or reject them and go back to looking. No point in dragging home every couch you see before trying it out. Sit on them in the furniture store first.

I get it. Slowing down a bit up front will make you faster overall. With the clipboard images there’s no external reference to fall back on if something goes pear-shaped with the embedded copy. Keeping a folder of those images is a CYA thing.

I think that’s the problem. As long as those checkboxes aren’t, updating the scene won’t help.

Thankee, thankee.