Views in LayOut



Can’t find reference to this issue in the Forum. Am working with a 37 page working drawing package in LayOut. The views I’ve inserted from SU keep changing on me. Even after saving the file. Every time I go check that each page shows the correct views, some of them will have changed. I’m sure it’s something I’m doing wrong but can’t figure this one out!


Are you creating separate Scene tabs for each of your views, with the various layers saved per-tab by updating them ?
And of course saved as the SKP…
Then you inserted View-port based on that tab in Layout should reflect the current SKP model’s tab with its view and layers.
If the SKP changes reload the SKP into Layout to update the View-port…


That’s probably it - I don’t know how to set up separate scene tabs. Haven’t heard of that yet. Still have a lot to learn about LayOut but can’t delay client work while learning so am “McGyvering” as I go. If that’s the terminology (i.e., Scene Tabs), I can look it up in one of the books on LayOut that I’ve purchased. Thanks so much for the tip!


Scenes are created in SketchUp. You should be making a scene in SketchUp for each viewport you’ll create in LayOut. If you need to make changes to views after the fact, you should make those changes in SketchUp, update the scenes as required, save and update the reference in LayOut.

Diving in to a 37-page document in LayOut without knowing this sort of thing really makes your job hard and you’ll be wasting a great deal of time due to incorrect setup.


Actually I misunderstood what was meant by “set up separate scene tabs”. I thought that was a reference to something to be done in LayOut that I haven’t been doing.

Yes, I do make scenes in SU. Then I insert the SU file into LayOut, go into “File”, “Document Setup” and update the outdated files to ensure any changes made in SU are reflected in the LayOut views. I’ll then keep adding views in Layout but when I go back to check previous views, I find that almost always some of them have changed.


Changed how? It’s hard to identify the exact problem without the LO file. Perhaps you could share it? Or at least share part of it.


Have you linked your LayOut views with the scenes in the SketchUp model (SketchUp Model tray. The default is Last saved SketchUp view, and that is prone to change when you edit your model



What Anssi said and also make sure they do not show as modified.


Hi Dave. It’s such a huge file that it would take a long time to upload. I may have just thought of what could be the issue: For example, in SU, I created a cross section of the house that showed three separate spaces in a single scene - washroom/ensuite/bedroom. Then I imported that single view into LayOut thinking I could use it to zoom in on each individual space and dimension/notate them separately. I think what I should have done is just create individual views for each space instead. I think that’s it!


You might still be able to use that scene but if you are opening the viewport to zoom in, you are making the scenes associated with the viewport show as modified and that is generally a source for problems. You can adjust the size of the viewport and the model within it without opening it to adjust the SketchUp camera. You can also adjust the borders of the viewport to crop out what you don’t want to see.


I think that’s exactly what the problem was. Thank you, Dave, Tig and Anssi. It’s great to know there’s a resource like yourselves there. Much appreciated!


Glad to help. You should learn the ins and outs of resizing viewports because that’s something you’ll do very often.