Disappearing Walls

Hoping for some insight with a problem a co-worker and I have been experiencing recently with floor plans in Layout. So here is the run down. When doing floor plans instead of just making a scene looking straight down, we will add a section cut to our walls within the group and then do a scene for layout. We do it this way for floor plans as it will show window and door openings in layout. However, sometimes and not always, the section cut will not show. Having trying to fix this on multiple projects with little success, I figured I’d call in the big guns for some help.

Some fixes I have tried include eliminating the section cut, turning off the section cut, coloring the back face, copying the whole model into a new file (less the section cut), and even re-drawing the walls, all with mixed results.

I do have the view port set to vector. Anyone have any thoughts as to why this is happening in the first place?

How about uploading the LayOut file so we can check it out.

And please complete your profile and answer the IT questions.

@DaveR here is the link. I am interested to see if you have the same problem as well as any resolutions you may come up with.

Thank you


I haven’t looked at the file, but the problem with invisible profiles and section cut edges has been happening randomly to me too. I do not know how to reproduce it. Switching back to raster rendering is the only cure I know.

Glad to know my co-worker and I aren’t the only ones! Thought we were the only ones.

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