Disappearing groups and components when transferring to Layout


I’m being driven a little crazy at the moment when revising design plans and transferring them across to layout.
In spite of updating the view, saving the model and then updating it in layout, certain components (ie a new 2d furniture layout can’t be seen) It appears to come and go in the sketch up model too if I say, open a section cut and then orbit it from a top view to a 3d sectional view.
Any one any ideas what might be going wrong, as I’ve not had this problem before.

Thanks in advance.

Could you share the LayOut file so we can see what you are working with? I expect it’s an easy fix but seeing the file will help identify it quickly for you.

I will take a WAG and say that you have put your 2D furniture on the face of the floor so you are running into Z-fighting. This is a graphics card/driver/OpenGL issue. If you move the 2D furniture up above the surface a little bit, that would likely fix it. Another option would be to make sure the furniture is tagged separately from the rest of the model and then use stacked viewports in LO. The bottom viewport would show the plan without the furniture and the next viewport up would show the furniture without the plan.

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Dave thankyou! Yes you were right, it was Z-fighting, (which sounds like a very lame martial art) shifting it up 5mm seems to have fixed it. I will look into the stacked viewport idea though too as this will allow me to switch quickly between different configurations.
Your wisdom is much appreciated as always. Happy New Year.

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That made me blow coffee out my nose! :crazy_face:

Glad you got that sorted.

The stacked viewport thing with tag control for each viewport can be very powerful so it’s a good thing to learn about it. With one scene in SketchUp (you should be making scenes in SketchUp to use for viewports) you can use the stacked viewports to show different configurations of furniture and you can use different styles for different viewports in the stack. Lots of options available.

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thanks Dave, and sorry about the coffee… :grimacing: yep I like the sound of stacked viewports. I’m investigating them now, as it will definitely allow me to produce a number of internal layout options from within one model. All the best :pray:

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