Saved views not showing up in layout

I’ve spent the past couple of weekends doing a side gig for an architect friend of mind.

I got everything done and proceeded to import into layout just to print the sodding thing.

I don’t like how things have changed in sketchup, layers are layers, not tags. WTH?

Anyways when I import my model, layout gives me some other view than what I had saved. I’m trying to kick this out the door as I’m out of time. It’s been way to complicated for the amount of time I allowed for it ad I need it sent before Friday.

Did you create scenes in SketchUp to use as the views in the viewports in LayOut?

Share the LayOut file so we can see exactly what you’ve got and give you some assistance in getting your project off to the client.


I know you from a long time ago and I know you know your stuff. I managed to figure it out by luck and off the top of my head I couldn’t tell you how.

I really had a shock when I installed 2020. Too many things that were logical, were changed. I don’t get what Trimble are doing with it TBQH.

If you don’t use the software regularly, you would probably omit doing lots of standard things. The most obvious one here is that you have to save the SU file after making changes for them to show up in LO. And unless you opened the SU file from LO in the first place, you might also have to remember to update the LO file. All that is quite clunky but for those of us doing it daily, it becomes second nature.

Not sure many here would agree that things have got worse.

SketchUp “layers” never behaved like layers. Now they use a better name while still working the way they always did. There is nothing illogical about this.