Layout won't do layers

I’m using Layout to display my model, but it keep displaying an older version even after I turned off layers in that version and resaved it in SU, then reopened LO.
I Updated the model in LO too, but it made no difference.
Does LO not respect turned off layers in the source SU model?
What to do?

I assume you are referring to the layers in the SketchUp file. After changing the layer visibility in LayOut, you have to update the scene before saving the changes. Then in LayOut, update the reference. If the changes don’t show in LayOut, check that you haven’t done something to make the viewport show as modified. Look in the SketchUp Model window for that. If you’ve made it modified, you’ve disconnected the viewport from the original scene and scene specific changes will not show in the viewport. Reselect the un-modified version of the scene from the drop down list.

How do I change the Layout visibility and update the scene? I tried Update in Document Setup but that didn’t matter. What else?

Ah, never mind. I updated the scene in SU and then updated the image in LO and it updated!

So you’re all set?

Any changes you need to make to layer visibility in the SketchUp file have to be done in SketchUp. The layers in LayOut are different and not tied to the layers in the SketchUp file.

All set. Yes, I know the layers are different. Thanks.

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