Layout PDF export layers still visible


I have some pages in layout which refer to sketchup scenes. Inone a certain layer is not visible (turned off) but when exporting a PDF it is visible in the PDF. I have updated the scene, saved the file and updated the model reference a view times without any result.

Anyone knows how to solve this?


Sharing the LayOut file would be a big help so we can see exactly what you’ve got.

When you select the viewport in LO, does it show that the scene is modified? Something like this:


Yes it does. However, just seem to be solved after pressing “Purge” In the connected Sketchup model layers window. afbeelding


Tnaks a lot though


Although you can do it, it’s not good practice to modify the scene in LayOut.


I see, willl it cause troubles often?


It can because you disconnect the viewport from the scene in SketchUp and some changes you might make in SketchUp won’t be carried through to LayOut because the viewport is not tied to the scene. There’s really no reason you should ever have to modify the scene in LayOut anyway.

Also, avoid using Last saved SketchUp view for viewports.


Aye. Thanks for the tips!