Help with rendering question

Hi, I have been working on a floor plan and placing in 2D furniture without any issues. I have successfully rendered furniture and placed it in rooms up until now. All of a sudden I now have a situation where I have painted my furniture (using colours tab with my own textures) and when I moved the furniture into place the render disappears! When I move it off the model the render returns. Pretty sure its something simple, have maybe pressed a key i shouldn’t have or maybe its the face of the floor.

Screen Shot 2021-01-10 at 10.09.23 Have deleted face and redrawn etc. Have attached a photo of situation. Many thanks in advance

You probably have your 2D furniture at the same level as the floor, and are seeing Z-fighting. The OpenGL renderer can’t work out whether to show the floor or the furniture at the same Z-height.

Try moving the furniture up a little - usually, it only needs a cm or 1/4" or so.

Upload your .skp file here so someone can have a look and be sure.

OMG thank you so much, I’ve been working on this since yesterday trying to think what was wrong! Have now lifted the furniture slightly and its all sorted. :ok_hand: :raised_hands:

You need to remember that sketchup is a 3d workspace. Working in 2d with it can be tricky.

Yes thank you, Its mostly 3D i use it for but needed to do a bit of 2D space planning.

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