Problem when rendering with sketch up v-ray

Hello everyone. 3 days now i’m trying to do an interior render but the the furniture are black (not all) and the windows are blue, like sky. I really don’t know why is that happening. I’ve done so many different solutions from watching youtube tutorials, but nothing did’nt help me. If you want i can share the result of the render. Please help me. Thanks a lot.

The common reason for that sort of thing is that you have back faces exposed. If you share the .skp file we can surely give you an exact answer and solution to your problem. Otherwise we can only guess.

I can share the sketch up file to you, but it is 191 MB. Its is big. So, how can i share it?

Upload it to Drop Box and share the link.

i do not have the upgrade version. It’s 191 mb so i can’t send it with the simple one as i read. can i send it with we-transfer to your e-mail maybe? Thanks a lot.

You could use WE Transfer or Google Drive if you want. The file you shared the link to is 0 bytes.
Screenshot - 3_30_2021 , 11_28_07 AM

I’m trying to upload the file. When it’s ready i’ll put here. Thank you for answering.

Hello again.

Here is the link. The sketch up is 2018 version. PLEASE let me know if you can open the file and if everything is okay. Thank you Dave.

You need to make it accessible. Currently you have it set up so I can’t get to it.

Is now okay Dave?

Yes. It’s downloading now.

Perfect. Let me know if you can find the problem. Thanks a lot for everything.

Did you model this in SU2014? Your profile says you are using 2018 but when I open it I get a message indicating it’s a 2014 file.

Switching the face style to Monochrome shows there are quite a lot of back faces. Those faces should be showing the white front face color, not the blue back faces.

I did a bit of cleanup on your model. Fixed the incorrect Layer/Tag usage…
Screenshot - 3_30_2021 , 1_33_50 PM
Purged unused stuff…
Screenshot - 3_30_2021 , 1_34_45 PM

And got rid of some stray geometry. Notice the size of the bounding box here:

There’s some more cleanup going on. I’ll share the model file with you when it’s finished. You’ll still need to correct the face orientations.

You really should get in the habit of purging the unused stuff from your models on a regular basis.

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Dave really thank you for your help. I create the model in sketch up 2018, but i do rendering in sketch up 2014, cause i have v-ray in this version. So, yes. Did you try to do any render to see if it works ?


This is the result of the render.

No. Not yet.

Your render makes it look more like there’s no nights on inside the building.

@mihai.s is one of our resident Vray experts and he might have some idea.

I’m waiting for you. Thank you again for your help and support.

Also, i wanna say smth. Some times when i open the file it makes a render with low resolution, and when i put shadows or i change the output into a bigger frame, then the result is black as the photo that i send to you.

FWIW after the cleanup the file size is reduced by 71%.

Here’s the link:

Could be due to having only the sun outside and no lights inside.

By the way, I’m thinking you would do well to make a practice of downloading components from the 3D Warehouse into a separate file to inspect and clean up before you add them to your project file. Even after purging unused stuff there are three layers/tags for screws. There are a bunch of components in this model that’ll never been seen. Unless you were creating a construction plan for a piece of furniture there’s no need for pocket holes. And there’s no need for the kind of details you have added with the casters. Cleaning these things out before adding the components would make your models easier to manage.

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