Lights are not working in sketch 2023 vray

I started using sketch up recently. I make a kitchen but the lights im using are not working while I am rendering the scene (using VRAY) I tried to increase intensity but it wasn’t helping. Can anyone help me ?

Can you share the file?

WeTransfer - Send Large Files & Share Photos Online - Up to 2GB Free that the link to the file

I´m checking your file right now.
Just purged it and it reduced from 88mb to 11mb.
Captura de pantalla 2023-12-04 154906


Your model needs some help before it’s ready to go to LayOut.

There are reversed faces visible in your model. There should be no visible blue back faces.

Loads of incorrect tag usage.
Screenshot - 12_4_2023 , 2_49_10 PM
And unused stuff.
Screenshot - 12_4_2023 , 2_50_16 PM
Purging unused stuff reduced file size by 92%.

Here’s the purged file. I’ll let you fix the face orientation. Note: ALL materials are still applied to the model. The style has been modified to show the Monochrome Face Style so you can see and fix the incorrect faces.
kitchen purged.skp (6.7 MB)

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I fixed a bit your file, If you want to be able to see the lights you must turn off the sun light, and increase a lot the power of the lights, I icreased to 1000000 to be able to see them, this is what I see after correcting the faces.

If youre just learning how to use sketchup you should visit the sketchup campus website, the model as Dave said has some problems with back exposed faces that wont show well on the render and a lot of loose geometry and incorrect use of tags.
kitchen fv.skp (11.4 MB)

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The lights are working.

You sun is 300% brighter than it should be and your exposure is too low.

This makes for an impossible situation where the sun overpowers everything

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I turned off the Sun and made the IES lights green to show that they are functioning.

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Thank you soo much for your help ! And I will visit the sketchup campus website ! :smiley:

Thank you soo much for your help ! I will try to fix it :))