Vray lighting not appearing in render

Hello. When I add Vray spotlights into my absic model of a small bathroom, no light at all shows up in the render. I’ve tried all the units of lighting and I’ve also tried boosting the value even up to 500,000 and nothing works. I’ve turned off the sunlight because it’s a bathroom with no windows. But no light from a rectangular or spotlight is appearing. I have no idea why. Any help would be much appreciated.

Can you post the model file?
Are the lights turned on?

sorry it was too large to upload, here’s a we transfer link. yes the lights are on

Is there a reason the model is more than a mile from the origin?

I note that you are using Tags incorrectly.
Screenshot - 11_29_2021 , 1_20_31 PM
Untagged should always be active and all edges and faces should be created and remain untagged.

Screenshot - 11_29_2021 , 1_20_52 PM

Purge unused stuff once in awhile, too. I did that and reduced the file size by about 56%.
Screenshot - 11_29_2021 , 1_21_14 PM

When you are making the render are you seeing the section cut? What happens if you correct the reversed faces of the ceiling?

It’s far from the origin because when I imported the floor plan from AutoCAD, that’s where it was located. But it can be closer for sure.

Yes, I’m learning how to use Sketch up so there are many things I don’t know…

How come all edges and faces should remain in the untagged Tag?

If the section cut remains where it is in the picture you screenshotted then I don’t see it, but if i move it forward so it actually cuts past the wall, then yes I see it in the render

The huge distance from the origin can be a problem. I would move the model and the section plane closer to the origin.

Read: Controlling Visibility with Tags | SketchUp Help

So I moved the model and section plane closer to the model. And the lights still don’t show up in the render…

First to answer you question about the lights. The light is showing up, it’s just faint. Try bumping the intensity up even more…here I entered 5,000,000.

Some other tips in addition to @DaveR 's:
Give all your walls a real ‘thickness’ as if you were building it - ie no single planes:

Make sure to check your model for reversed faces (using Monochrome face style) and reverse all the blue faces (ie back faces) so they show as white. Reversed faces will cause problems with your materials and render.

Lastly, depending on your viewing angle, consider adding an ‘emissive’ material or make a ‘Mesh Light’ from your can (or pot) lights in the ceiling.

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