Lighting sketch up problem

good evening , i have a problem with lighting on vray , can someone help with it , i put the light but it is not working , and i have to give the render next week for final exam , can someone help with it

What is happening exactly? Show us a screen shot of your render.

I see problems with your model. There are a lot of exposed back faces in the model. That can cause rendering problems. Simply applying materials to those faces doesn’t correct them. You should be making sure all faces are correctly oriented before applying materials.

Do you live in of land of giants? The model is physically huge. Your cheff is over 12 feet (3.6 meters tall). This huge size of the model coupled with the lack of a ceiling means you’ll need to increase the intensity of the lights in the model (learn about the Inverse Square Law as it relates to light.)

Lots of incorrect tag usage.
Screenshot - 1_17_2024 , 9_39_32 AM

Plenty of unused stuff to purge.
Screenshot - 1_17_2024 , 9_41_31 AM

There is a load of high poly objects from the 3D Warehouse and some excessively large textures.

The little bit of cleanup I didreduced the file size by about 40%. I would suggest you clean your model up, fix face orientations and then, if this is supposed to be a building for normal humans, correct the size of it. That will make setting up your lights for rendering easier. Also give the rooms ceilings to contain the light. Otherwise you’ll be lighting outer space.

oh my god :frowning_face: i dont have that much of time but i will try to do , u make me laugh about the size of people , sorry fo this

I wish I had time to fix your model for you. At this point leaving your model large and setting the light intensity higher is probably the faster way to go. If you need to make dimensioned drawings though you will want the model to be the right size.

There’s a scale figure at the origin to help you with the size of things.

Maybe you could move the entire model up to the top of a beanstalk and add a goose that lays golden eggs. JK :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I think you should prepare a video tutorial on how to clean up models as I see you directing people about this task all the time. The overly large file issue seems to trip up a lot of folks. I purge my models all the time and try to use low res materials when it is necessary to use a material.


Thanks for that suggestion. Maybe I will do that one of these days. If I do make such a video I would like it to be required viewing for interior design folks before they could even open SketchUp. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Make it part of the startup screen :sweat_smile: that they have to acknowledge before the program opens.

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my prof only wants a picture of the render , not the comlete file , thats why i didnt focus about all scales , but i will did this when i turn for the next semester i will learn about it before i enter

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