Problem when rendering with sketch up v-ray

Thanks, Dave!

As you wrote, faces’ orientation can contribute to the problem. I also think that in some older versions of V-ray there was a problem with some groups that no longer appeared in rendering.

Now I’m testing in Twinmotion to see if there are any problems, but it seems ok

At the moment I do not have the possibility to test in V-ray.

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Guys, this is a render i just did in v-ray like a test, with really low resolution. I think that the problem is solved, but i wanna do some more tests with higher resolution to see if everything works.
So, the problem was all those unused elements in the model ?
I really don’t know how to thank you.

I don’t think the unused elements were preventing the render from working. Your low res render seems to show you have no interior lighting. Only the sun coming in through the windows and not enough of that light is being reflected by the back walls to illuminate things.

See the addition to my previous post.

First of all, from now on i will always clean the model from the unused elements and staff to be easier for me. That was a great tip and really thank you. So, in case that the unused elements don’t prevent the render from working, then what was the problem ? I’m asking just for my own knowledge. Also, you think i have to put interior lights for a better render result ?

Yes. I think you need interior lights. At this point other than the reversed faces affecting the appearance of somethings like the wine bottles that are all incorrect, I don’t see any problems for rendering.

Consider if you were standing in the back of real space looking out toward the windows and there’s only a little sunlight filtering in from the front. No interior lights at all. Everything inside would appear in silhouette against the brighter windows.

Yes, i understand. So, i have to reverse some faces as you said before, right ?
Also, could you please send me any toturial to see how can i put correctly interior lighting ? I really don’t know how i can thank you, for everything. You saved me and i also learned a lot from you.

I guess I would go to the Vray site and go through the tutorials and such.

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Add Rectangle lights to windows

Dave and Mihai, Thank you for everything. All the tips was reeally helpfull. Thank you again for eveything. I will post tomorrow the final render to see it :slight_smile:

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You are getting better.
Why was my reply to you blocked.
Can you complain. It is a relate sketchup plugin and so is vray so what’s their problem?

I think that it was because the topic was asking about rendering with SketchUp using V-ray. What you showed about Brighter3D is interesting, and you should start a new topic to talk about the new version.

This topic needs to stick with how to solve the problems in V-ray.