Question about the floor

Dear SketchUp(per),
I Started using Sketchup about 3 weeks ago.

I just can’t find the answer to a (probably) simple question.

When I paint the floor, I always find it as a NOT EQUAL color.
It’s got those white moving stripes and lines…Especially when I move it around.

Can anyone tell me what I’m doing wrong?

Thanks so much in advance,
Marco, Haarlem, The Netherlands

That is called z-fighting and is the result of the computer not understanding which face you want to display, so it means you have two faces fighting for the same 3d space.
You need to separate or remove one of the faces.
Sketchup doesn’t have the option like 2d software of telling one to be in front of the other.
So your floor probably has a ‘slab’ and then a floor ‘skin’ that you are trying to paint. One needs to move, get thickness, or be removed.
If you attach your model we can be more specific.

Thank you BOX!

I understand what you tell me. I am a ‘Photoshop-user’, so you’re right about thinking in
layers on top of each other. 2d-3d :wink:
I’m gonna try to fix it in the way you’ve explained.
Hereby i’m attaching the SKP-file
FloorProblem.skp (8.2 MB)

Thanks again,

Remove the larger rectangle and the Z-fighting goes away.

If you want to hide the images you’ve imported, give them a tag and turn off that tag’s visibility.

Before you get into applying materials and textures you should spend some time correcting the reversed faces. There should be no exposed blue back faces. In your model the majority of the faces are reversed, however. Painting them doesn’t fix it.

Thank You so much Dave! You’ve been very helpful with this information.
I’m gonna correct it.