Bug while flooring

I encountered another problem. If I add floor to the model, the floor is applied on both sides of the model(underneath the model and on the place where the floor should be). Then when its added its all bugged up…then the app crashed and didnt save any of my work. Luckily I just need to make walls in 3D so its not much of a work.

Upload the .skp file so we can see what you are working with. I expect there’s a simple enough fix.

Your screen shot shows z-fighting. Evidence of two faces sharing the same space and the graphics card not able to determine which face should be in front of which. This is not a bug in SketchUp.

On the pic, you can see the bug. Its a model from the 1st course of using sketchup

Again, upload your .skp file.

I understand now, thank you so much for fast reply

01_Co-Work_2D Plan.skp (569.8 KB)

That file doesn’t reflect what you showed in your screenshot. Kind of a waste of time to upload that one.

As I said, all my work was unsaved and I was left with floor 2D plan. Ill try to solve the problem since it is not a sketchup problem.

It’s hard to say, but the pattern is suggestive of a face that had autofold kick in and fractured into multi-triangles. That could happen if the walls and floor weren’t separated into different groups and some line or element got nudged vertically.

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