Frustrated newish user just wants to paint 3 stripes on the walls

I am trying to do the layout for a gallery. It is to have 3 stripe lines that run across the walls throughout. 3 different color lines. I am having the hardest time. I tried making each wall a group. Then I tried making walls that were components. When I try to add the stripe it acts weird and sometimes won’t show the color. I have tried to find the answer and nothing seems close to what I need. Maybe I have all the basics wrong to start with…

Could you upload the SketchUp file so we can see what you have so far?

Making the wall a group and then applying the stripes to the outside of the group is exactly what you don’t want to do. That prevents the stripes from cutting into the face of the wall, preserving them as separate objects, and causing the z-fighting you see.

Z-fighting is when two separate faces occupy the same space–one right on top of the other. Except neither face is actually “on top of,” or “in front of” the other: they’re both in front–both on top. SU doesn’t know which face to display, so it displays both of them, which appear sort of shimmery and stripey as first one then the other dominates.

If you draw your stripes directly onto the wall, the stripes will merge with the wall faces below, leaving only one face, meaning no z-fighting. Thus:



The file is on another computer… The comment below from Guilty_Foyle seems to get to my issue, though. I appreciate your comment. Thanks!

Thank you for the comment! I will give it a try… It seems to me I had already tried it that way and that’s why I thought I needed to make them a group or component. Hopefully this will get me on the right track. You nailed it pretty well with your stripes there. :slight_smile:

It’s really awesome to get help on here! I learned something from each of you.

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That’s good. Some of my best friends are Newish.

-Gully (not Guilty)