Layout Crashing: Viewport Disappearing/Not Updating

Hey all,

I’ve been working off of a decent sized model (56mb) to draw up architectural plans on Layout. I have 57 scenes, used for the various details and section cuts and 36 pages on Layout with 1-4 viewports each. Nothing crazy with textures in the scenes, all of it is either wireframe or solid colors.

About an hour ago I had an issue where I had a section cut scene in Sketchup showing a post and beam intersection to create a viewport in Layout. However, when I selected the scene in Layout, only the beam showed up. I have everything saved and references updated. Post showed up in Sketchup, not in Layout. In attempting to reset the viewport, etc., I lost viewport scenes on the other pages- the viewport is there but it is blank. The Sketchup model also has random geometry hidden now across all the scenes. I closed everything, saved under different names, restarted the computer to no avail. When I reopen the Layout file everything is there, although there are additional components showing that aren’t in the Sketchup scenes and attempt to update the scenes result in blank viewports. Additionally the Sketchup model scenes now are showing all of the geometry that should be hidden in each respective scene.

The crash # is 17936. Any help would be gladly appreciated as I have no idea what happened!

Share the Layout file (if you can)… we can’t help much from just what you say.

Hey Paul, thanks for the reply. I forgot to add that I can’t share the file due to the design contract.

I have, after some digging, identified that the issue seems to be stemming from an issue with hidden objects in the scenes (although this doesn’t explain the crashing). I still have an issue with crashing today when updating the viewport.

I’ve been reading previous threads and there has been many discussions on the perils of using hidden objects in scenes and not updating the correlating styles. My question now is, if I have X number of scenes with the same objects hidden/visible and something happened to change which appeared/disappeared across all of those scenes, what would it likely be? A style update? All of the objects are still in the model, just 75% are hidden now across all scenes. Can anyone explain what “Top Level Hidden Geometry” is in the scene context and how that works?

Thanks again.

You should be using tags to control visibility of objects in the scenes.

Probably, they’re nested objects, eg. part of a bigger group or component. You actually change the definition and therefore it affects all scenes.
Hiding objects works very well in a more ‘flat organized’ model, where you have no more than one level besides the model level (=0).
Going beyond that, the visibility is better controlled via Tags for nested objects.

Check this thread:

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