Layout is not representing what is in my SketchUp Model

I’m actually not sure if this is a SketchUp or a Layout problem. I have SketchUp 2018 Pro on my Mac and the last couple days I have been having some major issues with my SketchUp model not representing itself correctly in layout. I tried to delete and remake scenes in SketchUp and update the link to Layout, and the viewport still looks wrong. I’ve tried shutting down and restarting my computer, and also trying to link earlier versions of my model to see if the model glitched at some point. I do have a lot of viewport windows from section cut scenes in the model -at least 35. I can’t figure out for the life of me what’s going on. Please help!

Can you share the LayOut and SketchUp files file so we can see what you have going on?

I expect you’ve got modified scenes in LayOut. If that’s the case you’ve effectively disconnected the viewports from the Sketchup scenes so scene-specific changes in the SketchUp model won’t show in the LayOut file.

The files were too big so I created a dropbox link. Thanks!

It’s as I guessed. You’ve modified the scenes in LO for every one of the viewports effectively disconnecting them from their scenes in the SketchUp model so changes you make to those scenes won’t be reflected in the LayOut file.

Three examples:

Screenshot - 9_9_2020 , 2_19_14 PM

You can reconnect them by selecting their original scenes in the Scenes drop down list. Don’t be surprised if dimensions need to be fixed, too, if the model appears to shift within the viewport.

Very likely you’ll want to fix the SketchUp file and change the style(s) so your section planes aren’t visible. For example here I’ve reconnect the PLAN scene to the viewport and the section planes are displayed. Turning off the section planes and updating the style would get rid of the gray.

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Thank you for the fast response. I am having trouble even with the views that don’t say they have been modified. Here are two screenshots in example. One shows what the plan view looks like in SketchUp, and the other shows what it looks like in Layout and it is not showing it’s a modified layout view. Could it be something else?

I don’t see either of those viewports in the file I got from you. The top one with the yellow triangle indicates that the viewport needs to be rendered The bottom one I can’t really see what has changed from the model but as I wrote in my previous post, it’s clear you need to turn off the display of section planes to get rid of the gray.

I have to say that I feel bad for you that you’ve got this file as far as you have without first really learning how to use SketchUp and LayOut together correctly. It’s going to take some work to straighten it all out.

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